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Guatemala Album 2, Santo Tomas

Heading into town to Sunday market. The open pickups with passengers is a major form of transport.

Milt ran into a noisy goose and decided to have a conversation with it.

One year a clinic employee was celebrating his 50th birthday with a whole family gathering to which they invited our visiting group. We walked to his house first by wide paths, then narrower trails between the coffee fields. Dinner was chicken simmering in open air cooking pots. Conversation was carried out in bits and pieces of Spanish. We felt a part of the community.

This is a coffee plant heavy with fruit. I am told the red ones are ready to pick.

Dinner with Adriana Cifuentes, “Chici”, a Guatemalan orthopedic surgeon and longtime friend of Dr. McKenzie. She came from the city to bring Sunday dinner along with her mother on the left and husband on the right. In the back, Dr. Singer, Sister Mary, Dr. McKenzie with my wife, Sue.

Father Hazy’s School

About two miles further into the hills is a school built with funding and guidance of Fr. Hazy, longtime anchor of the Santo Tomas mission. The above picture shows a wing being added to the original established structure. 2002.

In 2004 the first wing has been finished and a new building is underway in the old courtyard.

In 2006 you can see the new building on the right is completed and is fully inhabited by students. The original building is on the left.

View from the roof of the school which is located on one side of this mountain valley. Those are banana plants on flats.