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Video Series: Migraine

December 19th, 2010

Video Series on Migraine

1. The Experience of Migraine

  • What you see and feel.
  • Features of the Headache, the Visual Aura and the Sensory Aura.
  • Overview of the Mechanism.

2. Migraine Clinical

  • As a medical condition, the Headache and Aura are usually distinctive. Sometimes there is the need to distinguish between migraine and retinal detachment or stroke.
  • Women who have Migraine with Aura have increased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. That is increased with smoking and oral contraceptives.
  • Overview of treatment of acute attacks and prevention.

3. Migraine Mechanism

  • What is going on inside your head to make the aura and headache.
  • The mechanism of the Aura is Cortical Spreading Depression.
  • There are two main theories of the mechanism of the Headache.