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Video Series: Diabetes and the Eye

April 2nd, 2010

This is a series of videos explaining Diabetes and the Eye.

The first video describes how the body handles Glucose and how Insulin works.

Basics of Diabetes explains what Diabetes is and what effects it has on the body. Damage to small vessels affects the Retina, Kidneys and Peripheral nerves. Damage to large blood vessels causes stroke, heart attack and peripheral vascular disease.

Diabetes Control and Complications reviews the results for a landmark study (DCCT) which showed that small vessel complications were directly related to blood sugar levels, as measured by A1c levels.

The video on Diabetes and the Eye shows the ocular effects using photos and diagrams. There is discussion and photos of laser treatment.

Video 1: Glucose and Insulin

Video 2: Basics of Diabetes

Video 3: Diabetes Control and Complications

Video 4: Diabetes and the Eye

-CBlackwell Mar 2010