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Video Series on YouTube

December 20th, 2010




Video Series on YouTube

To start a video click on the individual numbered links below.

1. How the Eye Works

(1) Focusing: Cornea, Iris and Lens

(2) The Image: Retina, Optic Nerve and Brain

Front Cornea

2. The Cornea

(1) A Remarkable Structure

(2) Common Corneal Surgeries

3. Macular Degeneration

(1) Macular Degeneration and the Aging Retina

(2) Macular Degeneration: Prevention and Treatment

(3) Macular Degeneration: Update 2011

4. Diabetes and the Eye

(1) Glucose and Insulin Basics of Diabetes

(2) Diabetes Control and Complications

(3) Diabetes and the Eye

(4) Diabetic Retinopathy: Cases

5. Glaucoma

(1) Glaucoma: Diagnosis

(2) Glaucoma: Treatment

(3) Glaucoma: Narrow Angle

6. Dry Eye

(1) Dry Eye: Normal Tear Function

(2) Dry Eye: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.

7. Migraine

(1) Migraine Experience: What you see and feel.

(2) Migraine Clinical: As a medical disorder.

(3) Migraine Mechanism: What is going on inside your head.

8. Cataract

(1) Understanding Cataract

9. Artificial Retina

(1) Progress Report 2011

10. Sunglasses

(1) Sunglasses 1: Comfort and Protection

(2) Sunglasses 2: UV Protection

Amd Tx 2013

11. Macular Degeneration 2013

(1) AMD Review 2013

(2) AMD Update 2013

RetDetSeq all 2

12. Retinal Tear and Detachment

(1) Mechanism and Repair.

T Vit Series b

13. The Vitreous

(1) Vitreous Basics, Aging and Floaters

(2) Vitreous and Trouble

(3) Vitrectomy Surgery

(4) Epiretinal Membrane Surgery Live with Dr Patrick Monahan



14. Color Vision

Series of 9 videos. Starts with:

(1) Color Basics

Spectrum 3 Dichrom b

15. Color Blindness

(1) Introduction to Color Blindness

(2) Mechanism

(3) Color Science

(4) Simulation

 16. The Aging Eye

T Aging Eye Series

(1) Vision Changes

(2) Cornea and Iris

(3) Lens

(4) Retina and Vitreous

(5) Vision and Driving

(6) Auto Crashes

Video Series: Migraine

December 19th, 2010

Video Series on Migraine

1. The Experience of Migraine

  • What you see and feel.
  • Features of the Headache, the Visual Aura and the Sensory Aura.
  • Overview of the Mechanism.

2. Migraine Clinical

  • As a medical condition, the Headache and Aura are usually distinctive. Sometimes there is the need to distinguish between migraine and retinal detachment or stroke.
  • Women who have Migraine with Aura have increased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. That is increased with smoking and oral contraceptives.
  • Overview of treatment of acute attacks and prevention.

3. Migraine Mechanism

  • What is going on inside your head to make the aura and headache.
  • The mechanism of the Aura is Cortical Spreading Depression.
  • There are two main theories of the mechanism of the Headache.

Video Series: Diabetes and the Eye

April 2nd, 2010

This is a series of videos explaining Diabetes and the Eye.

The first video describes how the body handles Glucose and how Insulin works.

Basics of Diabetes explains what Diabetes is and what effects it has on the body. Damage to small vessels affects the Retina, Kidneys and Peripheral nerves. Damage to large blood vessels causes stroke, heart attack and peripheral vascular disease.

Diabetes Control and Complications reviews the results for a landmark study (DCCT) which showed that small vessel complications were directly related to blood sugar levels, as measured by A1c levels.

The video on Diabetes and the Eye shows the ocular effects using photos and diagrams. There is discussion and photos of laser treatment.

Video 1: Glucose and Insulin

Video 2: Basics of Diabetes

Video 3: Diabetes Control and Complications

Video 4: Diabetes and the Eye

-CBlackwell Mar 2010

Video: Macular Degeneration

April 15th, 2009

Even in covering the highlights of Macular Degeneration there is too much material for a ten minute video, so I have divided the subject into two parts, and it is still only highlights.

The first video describes the biology of the aging retina and how that evolves into Macular Degeneration.

The second discusses prevention and treatment. Prevention in terms of results from the Age Related Eye Disease Study, using antioxidant vitamins and zinc. Treatment was previously by laser, but now is mostly by the VEGF inhibitors Lucentis and Avastin.

Video 1: Macular Degeneration and the Aging Retina

Video 2: Macular Degeneration Prevention and Treatment


Video: Understanding Cataract

March 25th, 2009

Click on the title below to access the Video.

Understanding Cataract

This Video describes:

  • What a Cataract is
  • How the surgery is done
  • What is the laser surgery often done after cataract surgery